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Are you ready to work with Obsidian?

Black Obsidian helps us eliminate energy blockages by integrating the psychological shadow into the whole, anchoring the spirit into the body.

Obsidian's greatest gift is insight into the cause of dis-ease. It aids the digestion of anything that is hard to accept,  facing up to one's true self, taking you deep into the subconscious mind in the process. But you're not alone in this journey: Obsidian is protective. It disperses unloving thoughts, facilitating the release of old loves and providing support during change.


Turn it into your ally and explore yourself with intention and sensual awareness.

Length: 7 in / 18 cm approx. -  1 in / 2.6 cm thick

Crystals are delicate, please handle with care.


  • Discrete pouch
  • Care Card with basic care tips and link to our How-to guide
  • a Love Note,  a self-love reminder


0.68 lb

Made in United States of America



To prepare your Self Pleasure Wand for use, give it a gentle cleaning. Fill a bowl with warm water and mild soap. Stir the water gently for a few seconds and let the wand soak for up to five minutes. Allow to air dry or gently wipe dry with a cloth after cleaning. 


After cleaning, take the time to connect with your Wand and care for it. While holding the crystal between your hands, find a quiet place where you can meditate. Concentrate on your breath while you hold the crystal in your hands. 

- Perform your own Self Ceremony: light candles, play sensual music or nature sounds, scent the room... whatever you want to do. Spend time creating this safe space and falling in love with yourself.

TIP: Try your Pleasure Wand cold and warm, dry, wet or coated with your favorite glide (coconut oil is our favorite so far!)

Put your wand close to you or on your body and spend some time with it. Many people prefer to place their wand on their chest while meditating. Others keep it next to their bed or under their pillow while they sleep.

- Try setting positive intentions for this ceremony with your wand: perhaps it can provide you with clarity, peace, healing, or self-love. To encourage you in this practice, we include a Love Note with your wand. You may say this intention quietly to yourself or aloud. 

- Crystals are sensitive to energies, so it is very important that only you are in contact with the wand. In addition to being hygienic, crystals are living and can absorb other energies.

- Take a deep breath and let yourself melt into this sacred time of self-love and pleasure, and allow the energetic vibes of your Wand to deepen your relationship with you sensual self. 

- Remember to clean it after each use with a PH balanced soap and warm water. Never put this or other crystals in boiling water.