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Introducing Disposable Panties Petals

Designed with comfort and hygiene in mind, Pantels Disposable Panties Petals resolve all the issues traditionally associated with wearing underwear, offering superior support for women.


  • Feeling comfortable while being commando
  • There are no panty lines around the waist or thighs
  • Regardless of where you go, you’ll be able to always wear clean panties.


  • An easy-to-wear pantie that sticks to you
  • 100% cotton, recyclable after use
  • Handy pouch that keeps clean panties petals close at hand when you're on the go.


How To Use

Remove: Protective sticker and body tape (2 white strips).

Intimate areas are covered with pants and the body tape adheres to the curve of your booty cheeks. Continue tucking until the Pantel covers the entire vulva.

When you're done using a pantel, toss it or replace it with a new one. Otherwise, you can reuse the same Pantel all day. 


Small: US Pant Sizes 0-6 

Medium: US pants sizes 8 and up


Pantel Carrying Pouch comes with 4 Pantels