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 Finding the Perfect Bra.

  • Wires and seams of the bra should be flush against the rib cage and under the arm. Ideally one should face the mirror to check, and lift arms to make sure the bra doesn’t rise up and you shouldn’t have to pull the bra down either. 
  • The band should be level all the way around your body. 
  • Straps should run parallel and be ½ inch or 2 fingers from shoulder to under the strap, so as not to dig into the shoulder.
  • Ideally, the bra should be fastened on the middle hook, so adjustments can be made if it gets too big or too small by using the hooks either side. 
  • No ‘double busting’ – Your breasts should be comfortably sitting in the cups. If you’re sure you have the correct size and anything untoward is still occurring, it could be the wrong style bra as opposed to the size, for you. 

So to check your bra size, two measurements are required, first the Under-bust measurement and secondly the Over-bust measurement:

Under Bust Measurement

Take a fabric tape measure and measure under your bust and if the measurement is an even number of inches then add 4 inches and if the measurement is odd then just add 5 inches.

So if you're under-bust measurement is 33inches, add 5inches to obtain bra size 38, or, if your under-bust measurement is 32inches, add 4inches to obtain bra size 36.

Over Bust Measurement

Now measure around the fullest part of your bust to get your cup size.

If the bust measurement is the same as your bra size, your Cup size is A.

1 inch more = B Cup,

2 inches = C Cup,

3 inches = D Cup,

4 inches = DD Cup,

5inches = E Cup

and so on through F, FF, and G.

So as an example, for an Under-bust measurement of 31 inches, add 5inches = bra size 36, Over-bust measurement of 39 inches = D Cup, so the correct fitting would be 36 D.